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Day 44 [Vol. 2]
Day 938: Happy 4th Anniversary to my beautiful wife!! I am so thankful for you, and I look forward to all of our adventures together. #100morehappydays #anotherhappyyear #anotherhappyday
Day 43 [Vol. 2]
Day 42 [Vol. 2]
Day 191. Moping in solidarity. #100morehappydays
Day 937: A wonderful visit from my friends Ruth and Judy from Kansas! Happiness truly is having long-time friends. #100morehappydays #anotherhappyyear #anotherhappyday
Day 41 [Vol. 2]
Day 40 [Vol. 2]
Day 190. Almost too pretty to eat. Not pictured: the slice of key lime that I had for breakfast. #100morehappydays
Day 189. Sushi! #100morehappydays
We absolutely love everything about this post! Thank you guys! 😎🍦 #Repost @ryangetty (@get_repost)
Day 39 [Vol. 2]
Day 39 [Vol. 2]
Day 38 [Vol. 2]
Day 37 [Vol. 2]
#100morehappydays #day152 #Hirtshals
Day 936: Another photo from last weekend. This one was taken at Pioneer Day in Cheyenne. There was a pen where kids could rope goats. Future cowboy and cowgirl training. I might have a little thing for goats. This one, number 11, was evidently bottle fed, and the handlers weren't running her through the chute. She enjoyed the pets I gave her. #100morehappydays #anotherhappyyear #anotherhappyday
Day 36 [Vol. 2]
Day 188. The good news is that it's a hat day. #100morehappydays
Day 935: Another one from this past weekend's dog show. I don't know why, but these two remind me of my favorite Subaru commercial. #100morehappydays #anotherhappyyear #anotherhappyday
Day 187. This hat only took me three days. And it will keep my love warm when the weather gets colder. I call that a win. #100morehappydays